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Fire Poi Triple

With three small burners instead of one, these poi lets you create triple circles of fire.

These poi are built using our trademark method to do away with the metal tube cores and screws commonly found sticking out on simpler designs. Instead the wick is attached to the chain and stitched closed with pure Kevlar® thread.

By minimizing the amount of metal and any sharp parts, the risk of burns, cuts and bruises are reduced. The saved weight and space of the metal core can instead be used to carry more fuel and prolonging burn times.

Even more wicks can be attached at the bottom of the poi, to create quadruple poi or more.

Add the ball chain upgrade to your order if you prefer ball chain over our welded black chain for the chain closest to the handles. This enables you to better spin the outer wicks horizontally around the center wick, creating a calm flame in a rotating ring of fire.

Price: 1095.00 kr

Product Properties

Weight, each head45g
Total weight, pair440g

Recommended accessories

Upgrade to 8mm Ball Chain