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Fire Fingers

Small torches to give you some extra claws.

These torches are used as fire fingers or similar equipment. They are built on a sturdy aluminium rod with 38mm wick that will burn for about three minutes. As usual, we attach the wicks without screws and exposed metal.

If needed you can get two small holes in the alumium rod to let you sew them onto gloves or make loops to attach the fingers in.
You can even tape them onto your fingers, which is a rigid but time consuming option, just make sure they are easily removable in an emergency.

Pleace note that you need a way to attach the fire fingers to be able to use them as such.

Price is for a single torch, order as many as you need!

Price: 90.00 kr

Product Properties

Amount of Kevlar® wick20cm of 45mm wick

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