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Pack of 5 brass Fire Levi-Sticks

This is a pack of 5 levisticks, at a reduced price, for the group of people who want one, but share the shipping expenses and a little money while at it.

The Brass version has a golden color, and is a a lot heavier then the aluminium version (the stick part wieghts 120g instead of the 30 of aluminium). It handles a bit better, and wont bend or brake as easy. Brass will also heat up a lot more though..

This is a burning Levi-Stick, a cleverly weighted Brass stick on a string, that create the illusion of a stick levitating and keeping its upright position even when it is rapidly floating in circles and around the user.

The original version of this prop is a bamboo stick attached to a thin string made out of silk or similar. This Levi-Stick is instead crafted from aluminium with kevlar wicks in each end and the string is made out of kevlar to better resist the heat.

However, since the string takes a beating and doesn't withstand being engulfed in flames for a unlimited time, it could need replacement now and then, just like a diabolo string. When you feel confident you can keep the string away from the flames you might want to try replace it with a string that is less visible.

Price: 1595.00 kr

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