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Modular Contact Staff (Antti Suniala)

This is a modified version of our regular modular isis staff, What we did to it, Was to change a bunch of things on it to suit the artist named Antti Suniala.

The middle part length has been increased to 70cm, the end parts to 73cm, The total length being 150cm. the Isis heads are larger, about 5cm more than regular, And the handle has been covered in a special griptape that is a bit thicker and stronger then usual.

These modifications makes this probably the best take-a-part contactstaff in the world.

The Length, The Weight, The Look. Awesome.

For the connection we use a simple solution that has outperformed the more andvanced methods we have tried: Tape acts as shims between the pieces, being a bumper guard and wearing out instead of the aluminium itself. It is very easy to replace when needed, or to add more to create a tighter fit if it is getting too loose.

Price: 1495.00 kr