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Lightup levistick

This is a LED Levi-Stick, a cleverly weighted stick on a string, that create the illusion of a stick levitating and keeping its upright position even when it is rapidly floating in circles and around the user.

The original version of this prop is a bamboo stick attached to a thin string made out of silk or similar. This Levi-Stick is instead handcrafted from plastic with exchangeable LED light units in each end.

You can get it in red, blue and green and can even choose colour for each end separately. For example one red and one blue end gives a smooth transition with purple in the middle of the tube.

The stick is really shiny, but unfortunately the drawback is that this thicker tube is harder to control than the thinner fire levistick. A hint is to keep the stick so it leans towards the string (open the loop to see which way the stick might want to go).

Please write your choice in the comment field when checking out.

Price: 295.00 kr

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