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Modular Isis Staff

A masterpiece!
Rope wick braided around the staff makes up the burners of the Isis staff. Thanks to the large and uneven surface area, this staff burns with huge flames and with a roaring sound.

See pictures of the Isis poi for an idea of how the wick looks.

This staff is 140cm long, but breaks down into three pieces to allow easy transportation and storage. By storing one of the ends inside the center part, you have only two pieces to put in your bag.

As a bonus feature, you can dip both ends at once to speed up fueling and reduce the risk of having fuel running down the handle.

For the connection we use a simple solution that has outperformed the more andvanced methods we have tried: Tape acts as shims between the pieces, being a bumper guard and wearing out instead of the aluminium itself. It is very easy to replace when needed, or to add more to create a tighter fit if it is getting too loose.

Price: 1295.00 kr

Product Properties

Length, assembled140cm
Length, splitted60cm