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Fire Eating Torch, double

A unusually user friendly fire eating torch!
The 38mm wide wicks are attached without any exposed screws or staples that would easily burn you. The torch is 65cm long and made out of wood, covered in aluminium to protect it from the flames.

This is really nice, since wood and wick is less likely to burn you since it conducts and stores less heat than metal.

Dual wicks make the torch more suitable for spinning, and two of these torches enables more advanced sequences and gives you the option to get longer burn times by alternating between several wicks.
The standard model has blue decorations by the grippy rubber handle.

Fire eating is are preferably done with several wicks, if you want to do transfers and other amazing tricks, or simply keep one flame alive while eating the other.

The usual disclaimer:
Please remember that fire eating can be dangerous, so we cannot recommend it, get all the facts before you try it!

Price: 375.00 kr

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