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Fire movies

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© Salza Productions/Samuel Salvadores

Salza Productions - Fight

In the outskirts of Årsta we found a nice spot for a romantic fight to the d34th, with our own litte bride and all. This should give you some ideas what can be done when thinking outside the box - a fire show does not require poi and staff, why not add a little more spice?

Salza Productions - Levistick

In the city of Varberg, south of Gothenburg, me and Thomas shot some levistick action! This movie shows a few examples of how the Levistick can be used as part of a show. Enjoy!

Salza Productions Feat Ficklampa

In the late summer of 2007, a trio made it out to the suburbs of Stockholm, and found a beautiful location inspired by street art. We got in, we filmed and we got out. Sadly, the entire neigbourhood will be torn down within a couple of months, so this was our last chance.

Salza Productions - CBY 2007 finals, Ficklampa

The winner of the Camp Burn Yourself 2007 battle does his thing, very nice. All of you who where there can really appreciate it, and those of you who weren't, see to it that you visit next year's CBY!

Salza Productions Feat Doc

Me and my friend Doc spent a number of hours in the woods (min skog) one night to put together a promo movie for him. This is the result, I'm specially happy with how Docs personality melded with the rather large tree behind him.

Salza Productions - CBY06 Battle Finals
Doc vs. Divine

A clip from the battle finals of the Camp Burn Yourself 2006. Further comments not needed, enjoy!

Salza Productions - Street

A movie with a slight underground twist to it. It was made in Stockholm in the middle of the Swedish winter. You can guess how much these people where freezing, so cheers to the partipicants and all the people who came and watched the spectacle.

Salza Productions Feat AnnaEva

A movie I made for my teacher and mentor, Annaeva. Out in the woods with part frozen leafs, part snow. The first really calm movie i made, should be seen with a cup of chai from under a warm blanket.

Salza Productions - Battle Sthlm

Was shot September 2005 in the Tanto park in Stockholm, it was the first official battle in the history of the organization Eldsjäl. Lot's of guests from all over Sweden, several different styles and a bunch of nice moves.

Salza Productions - Åre

In February 2005 we went up to the ski resort Åre in the northern parts of Sweden. This is what we came home with, featuring a mix of snowbords, skis, snow and fire. Thanks to Zmürf for doing most of the filming in the slopes.

Salza Productions Feat Doc

Doc visited me in my home for a chat, and we decided to make a quick movie, just for fun. The movie was made with his on music of course, have a look in our media section if you like it.

Salza Productions - Linköping

Samuel and T were visiting Linköping and brought the camera. We had a great time down there, the had just started spinning together in that town, and the feeling was rather magical. I want to go back to under that bridge some day.

Salza Productions - CBY

This movie was shot at the first national spinners meeting in Sweden, Camp Burn Yourself in 2004. At this magical gathering, 87 people who didn't know each other joined up in the middle of nowhere and stayed there for 4 days. I left that place with 86 new friends.

Salza Productions Feat Fenix Jens

A short clip from CBY 2004, featuring the firedancer Jens of the Fenix group, showing us parts of his regular show with lot's of firebreathing. Thanks to every one who attended!

Salza Productions - S.O.F

A very early movie where we made the first experiments with mixing snow and fire, two of the elements. Not that great, but a nice proof of concept.