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Frequently Asked Questions

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Questions about our products

If I cannot find exactly what I want, can you help me build custom projects according to my ideas, or make minor alterations to your models?

Yes, just contact us. We continuously develop new equipment and are happy to help you out if we have the time! We like new ideas, exciting suggestions can be rewarded with a free prototype. We can also use our contacts to get most equipment related to fire art and juggling.

What fuel should I use for spinning fire?

Be aware that fuel names and availability can vary greatly between countries.
We recommend the liquid "paraffin" which is by many considered the best and cleanest product. Pure paraffin can be difficult to find in many places, look for kerosene, lamp oil or barbeque lighting fuel that are about the same, but sometimes producing more smell and smoke. You should not use gas, pure alcohol, lighter fuel or other explosive or highly flammable liquids, since it can be very dangerous. For names in your country, have a look at column 1 at this fuel translation page.

For how long does the wick burn?

This depends very much on which prop it is, which fuel you use, and how you use the prop. Our regular sized poi wicks has a burn time of at least 4-5 minutes with good flames, the larger props considerably longer. A big factor is the shape of the wick: A larger surface area and thus more exposed wick gives bigger and more dense flames, for example the knotted rope wicks we make. A larger volume can hold more fuel, so the more unexposed wick there is, the longer it'll burn.

How do I maximize the flames of my fire equipment?

Didn't the first burn meet your expectations? A Wick tends to burn better and better over the first times, so give it a few more tries. Soak the wicks rather than quickly dipping them to let them absorb much fuel, and allow the fire to really catch before swinging quickly. To keep them burning well and last longer, follow the recommendations that you got with your fire gear.

What if something goes wrong with the equipment?

In the (we are proud to say) unlikely event of any problems, contact us! Using defect or broken fire equipment can be dangerous, so don't hesitate contact us if you're not sure. We are eager to help you find a solution to any problems, and can give hints on how to repair it, even if it was your dog that chewed on it or if the product is no longer covered by our warranty.

Im allergic to the metal Nickel, common in many alloys. Can I use your equipment?

Yes. Almost every part we use is completely free from nickel. Ask us when you order, just to be sure, and we can suggest alternative options if needed.

Questions about buying from our store

What are my payment options?

When checking out from the store, you may choose from the following payment options:

  • Secure online payment by credit card. No fees are added.
  • Cash payment, if you wish to pick up your order at our workshop in Nyköping.
  • Advance payment to Swedish Bankgiro. Only available from Sweden.

    We can arrange advance payment by international bank transfer for international orders, so it is possible to shop without having a credit card.

    How does the tax system work?

    Residents within the European Union pay Swedish tax (VAT) of 25 percent.
    Orders from outside of the European Union are tax free.
    Tax registered companies and groups in EU, contact us and supply your VAT registration number.

    What are the freight charges?

    Freight cost is displayed in the shopping cart.
    We use flat rate shipping based on the largest item. Orders with many items will have the same shipping fee, acting as a volume discount.

    What is the delivery time?

    If the products are in stock, within Sweden the delivery time is normally 4 business days. If we are out of stock, we will contact you with delivery information. For international orders, we will contact you with delivery information.

    What is your warranty policy?

    We offer one year of full service warranty, we replace or repair any damage due to manufacturing error. Our safety & maintanence instructions must be followed for the warranty to be valid, but we can always give hints on how to conduct repairs. Contact us before returning anything.

    What is your return policy?

    We offer full refund or product exchange within thirty days of purchase, as long as the products are unused. Any return freight charges are payed by the customer.

    Do you sell wholesale to shops and organizations?

    Yes, just contact us and tell us more about your store or your organization and what you would like ot order.

    Can I buy your equipment somewhere near me?

    Since we also work with resellers, it is possible that your local juggling store carry our equipment. Just ask them and they can order from us.

    Questions regarding shows & courses

    Do you have information on courses or how to learn more?

    For companies, schools and other organizations, we can arrange courses. Contact us for more information. For personal use, we recommend having a look in our store category with books and DVDs, and searching the internet for spinners and jugglers in your area. A nice resource in Swedish for finding spinners and events is the organization Eldsjäl.

    I am looking for fire performers for a event, can you help me?

    Yes, since we know many artists, especially in Scandinavia, we can hook you up with people to help you get any sized show in practically any location.