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Burning point: Thomas 'Nevisoul' 2009-06-06

Q: Hi Thomas. What are you up to now?

In this very moment I´m in a car on my way to Los Angeles together with Jade from Firegroove, chewing on some delicious American chemical candy while I´m writing this and as Mr Jade digging the beats with the feet on the gas pedal the writing is not very successful.

Q: Do you make a living solely out of performing?

That would be pure awesomeness to make a living out of that but for the moment I focus more on spreading the beauty and joy of spinning poi. I don´t make a living out of that either but it definitely makes me living. Performance with poi is another league which I haven´t put much focus on, yet, one day, hopefully.

Q: How did you start out with what you do?

For about 7 +/- years I randomly saw a Fireshow in Varberg on the Swedish west coast. It was performed by Ronny from Burned Out Punks and I simply loved the beauty of the simplicity of the tool he used, weight on a chain, but even though it´s a simple tool to make it doesn´t mean that it´s easy to use and therefore nothing more happened at that time. It took about a year more and a trip to South East Asia for me to try it, I bumped into poi again and I didn´t hesitate a second to find out what it was called, how you learn and almost force the person I meet to teach me some and suddenly I had my first set of poi in my hands. 5 years later and poi is now a part of what creates the paths I choose to follow in life, I love it.

Q: What do you want to learn next?

What I´m working on now is more to break things down for making it possible to teach what I know, as poi is most likely the only kind of knowledge I have to share I want to make it possible for me to share. I also got some ideas of routines in the back of my head but if those ideas will turn out to reality I need to learn how to put it together so that it also one thing I would love to learn.

Q: What is it that pushes you forward to perform and develop?

So far it´s never been the next trick to learn that pushes me forward it´s more the emotionally reward you get after a controlled, relaxed and balanced spin that I get addicted to. I do have a passion for perfection in spinning and as perfection does not exist it also makes it impossible to reach which is the best thing trying to reach cos it will always keep you going.

Q: Best/weirdest/worst show you can remember? The Show of your dreams?

The most memorable performances is the ones Ivé done with the "Laughing For Life Circus Project" in Thailand. The appreciation from the kids is overwhelming and it´s not only the most memorable performances I had in this project but also have a couple of golden moments in life together with all the people involved.
I don´t have much experience of weird performances some nakedness, weird costumes or odd places but nothing extraordinary weird, still waiting.
I Love to dream and I guess the performance of my dream is to perform a beautiful routine in perfection no matter if it´s being performed in the opening of the Olympic Games, on my backyard or even in my dreams.

Q: How often do you practise?

If I have a good place to practice it could be anything from 30 minutes a day to 30 hours a day (sometimes the days feel extra long while spinning). But as a big part of the practice is to understand how it all fits together I many times tend to fly away in thoughts about poi, how to improve, new ways of spinning and patterns, I love to visualize patterns.

Q: Favourite music to train/perform to?

Sometimes I enjoy to make my own music while spinning and it´s also very nice to relax ears/eyes and fully focus on the feeling of the spinning but if there is music in my ears while spinning it would most likely be some kind of chilled out music or something that makes my spinning alive.

Q: Favorite clothing to perform in?

I always been practicing for my own pleasure and happiness without having in mind that it might be performed for others, therefore I also prefer to perform as myself when I´m on stage even though it might look kind of boring it makes it easy for me to give a big piece of myself away to the audience. Thin comfortable pants in cotton and nothing more, sometimes underwear, you never know if your pants will catch on fire. What I value a lot when spinning is to be barefoot, no matter if it´s concrete, tarmac, grass, wood, sand or snow I still prefer to feel the ground against the bottom of my foot, shoes makes my feet feel flat, they´re not flat.

Q: What kind of fire safety do you use?

The most important for me when it comes to safety is the gear itself as it is the object that has the biggest likelihood to injure the audience when I perform so checking the gear before spinning, double check and check again has prevented me to give people watching negative memories from fire spinning. My own safety is off course important as well but if I injure myself I can only blame myself no one else, but a towel to take fire out is a must and together with the towel someone that has experience to take the fire out.

Q: What equipment do you use?

There is a difference between gear I use and gear I could use but if we talk about gear I use it´s poi. For practice I prefer Nevipoi, Flowpoi or Anya´s sockpoi, for fire I use either Isis poi with a welded dog chain and swivels added or a set of fire snakes.

Q: What’s is the largest audience you've performed for?

In Singapore there was around 30.000 people in the audience which is the biggest live audience I ever had.

Q: What’s your favourite trick?

I really don´t know what possible could be THE favorite trick, there is some that gives a WHOAAA from people around but there is also many things that give myself a Mmmmm inside but people around find counting stars in the sky more interesting than the trick. But in the end I would say that I prefer things that feels smooth, comfortable and keep my body in balance.

Q: How do you handle bad audiences, heckling/disturbing people
during shows?

I haven´t heard any heckling or had really bad audiences, perhaps I´m to much in my own world where I can´t notice it or I don´t want to notice it, either way, if I notice it I would probably take it in, swallow it, cry out, call mom, buy an ice cream and the go home to watch a crappy college movie, after all that I bet I would feel better and if not I do the same thing again.

That's all. Thanks a bunch, Thomas!